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Lia's Fashion- A Taste of European Style

How to order

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If you want to order one of our stock products, just fill up the order form with the item number that you want and e-mail it to us.
If you would like us to create a custom made design for you, fill up the order form and enter in the "Dimmensions" field the following: waist x length x sleeve's length. Please do not forget to specify the unit of measure (Imperial/Metric).
Although, if you have special requests, please make sure to send them at the time of placing an order.
The lead time for any of our products is 10-14 business days. The cost of our products does not include the shipping cost. 
Shipping method and cost will be discussed individually with our customers.
We accept advanced payments by cheque or money order.
We are comitted to provide our customers with the best customer service! Contact us!! You will not regret!! 

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Lia's Fashion
#2-1025 Queens Avenue
New Westminster, BC, Canada