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Lia's Fashion- A Taste of European Style

Product Prices

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Listed below are the stock items available at this time. Please visit the "Catalog" page as well.

Item 1- $80.00, Small/Medium size, available in pink, blue, lime, lemon yellow
Item 2- $100.00, Small/Medium size, available in dark green, red, white (all colours come with metallic gold threads)
Item 3- $80.00, Small/Medium size, the design can be custom made in different combinations of colours
Item 4- $80.00 Medium/Large size, the same design can be created from different yarns and colours.  
Item 5- $50.00 Small size, this is a unique yarn but the same pattern can be created using different yarns/colours
Item 6- $50.00 Small size, available in various colours
Item 7- $100.00 Small/Medium size, unique design. For various combinations of yarns and colours please contact us.
Homepage item- $80.00 Small size, unique design


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Lia's Fashion
#2-1025 Queens Avenue
New Westminster, BC, Canada